2009 Preview update

In case you’ve missed any of my previous team reports, I’m linking them all together in this post.

AL East

Baltimore Orioles, 5th, 68-92

AL Central

Kansas City Royals, 4th, 76-86

Detroit Tigers, 5th, 75-87

AL West

Oakland Athletics, 2nd, 86-76

Texas Rangers, 3rd, 77-85

Seattle Mariners, 4th, 66-96

NL East

Atlanta Braves, 4th, 70-92

Washington Nationals, 5th, 65-97 

NL Central

Cincinnati Reds, 3rd, 82-80

Pittsburgh Pirates, 6th, 71-91

NL West

Los Angeles Dodgers, 1st, 88-74

San Francisco Giants, 2nd, 84-78

Arizona Diamondbacks, 3rd, 80-82

Colorado Rockies, 4th, 71-91

San Diego Padres, 5th, 57-105 

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