Don’t Say IT

I’m not suggesting anything here, but when players like Lance Berkman and David Ortiz come out railing against steroids, HGH, PEDs and players that have allegedly used any of the above, aren’t they inviting someone to look at their past too?

It’s happened too often for players to deny any use of anything, and then the truth (or alleged truth) comes out indicating otherwise.

I’m not a big fan of any of the steroid chatter, and in fact, if I was an HOF voter, I would cast my vote for the best of the Roid’ers because we’re never going to know everybody who was or wasn’t using over the last 20 years. I don’t see it as fair to give someone like Mike Piazza a free pass into the HOF understanding that I can’t 100% guarantee he never used anything.

Anyway, back to Ortiz. The story of him working out with Angel Presinal (linked to ARod & PEDs) is exactly why if an athlete is going to say something they should do some homework first.

If you’re innocent, somehow get access to all your piss-tests. It can be done, otherwise we wouldn’t find out about all the failed tests before testing. Then come out and make your detrimental statement about the state of the game and the using-players.

If you’re innocent, be smart, in the internet age, it is way to easy to link anybody with anything.

Bonus blogging: for anybody that complains about players in the 70s using amphetamines, stop. If there had been internet in the 1970s, Mike Schmidt wouldn’t be in the HOF either. It has nothing to do with the degree of the drug, it only has to do with technology. Nobody knew for years this was going on. Now, this thing called the internet can spread a story in seconds around the globe. In the 70s, I’m pretty sure it took a little longer thanks to the Pony Express.



  1. juliasrants

    TIME OUT! Not ONE single person has suggested that Big Papi used steroids. Did you ever have a friend in college that smoked some pot? Did that make YOU a drug user? Guilty by association is a VERY dangerous slope for you to be going down.


  2. badseed57

    Julia, as always, thx for the comments. As for the blog, I said I’m not suggesting Papi or Berkman have done anything wrong. I’m just saying if an athlete/star is going to draw attention to themselves, they’d better have all their ducks in a row and be prepared for things like the Presinal stuff that’s coming out now.
    Neither of those guys would be the first to say something negative about drugs & then be implicated later (A-Rod, Palmeiro, Tejada). Every one of those guys went out of their way to say negative stuff about PEDs and what’s happened since.
    I’m only suggesting to any athlete that saying something negative may draw unwelcome investigation into your own private life as is now being seen with Papi & Presinal. I believe in my heart he’s clean, but at the same point, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out otherwise anymore.

  3. Erin Kathleen

    I hope it’s not true either. The last thing baseball needs right now is yet another superstar caught up in the steroids scandal. But I’ve never heard Ortiz mentioned in connection with steroids before, and until there is conclusive proof otherwise, I’ll believe him when he says he’s clean. Although it would kind of explain how Big Papi went from being a mediocre, injury-prone infielder with the Twins to, well…Big Papi with the BoSox.

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