Baseball break, let’s talk about a kitty

I just can’t help talking about this story. I first heard it on the local news radio this afternoon.

A guy in Lincoln, Neb. was arrested today? and charged with marijuana possession and animal cruelty. He’d been wanted for drug possession already, and the police dept. finally closed in on him.

only when they found him in his house, he was smoking out of a homemade bong. Inside the bong…. a 6 month old kitten. The bong was apparently a shoebox turned into pot bong. he said he thought the kitty needed to relax.

just sick.

Look, I think we all can agree everybody’s done stupid things in the past. I certainly have my fair share, but putting a cat into a weed bong and forcing the cat to breathe 100% pot air while you get high. That’s flat out sick.

Anyway, here’s the link:

One comment

  1. Erin Kathleen

    Poor kitty. If there’s anything good to come out of this, it would be that he/she wlll now find a good home. I support mandatory sterilization for people like this. Nobody this dumb and cruel should ever be allowed to reproduce.

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