Putz joins the Southside

A precurser to this piece is that I do intend to try and catch up on most of the prior signings and trades, but will begin with today’s big additions and steadily work backword (even if it’s brief wrap ups)

So the White Sox decided a year of JJ Putz looks to be a good addition to their bullpen for 2010.

I agree. Putz may not be the closer he was in 06-07 for Seattle, but lining him up with Bobby Jenks to close out games could be very dangerous for the rest of the AL Central.

The big question of course is how does Putz bounce back from injury this year. But is that really the best question?

I contend that moreso, Putz’s desire to close games and coming in as a setup guy for Jenks could again hinder his performance, not to mention working for the craziest manager in baseball, Ozzie Guillen.

Putz’s best bet here is to stay grounded. Rumblings about Jenks future as a closer grew from a whisper last season, and another ERA uptick could open the door for Putz to regain his old role.

Looking at it objectively, I still believe the 8th should be Putz and 9th Jenks, as I believe Jenks has better stuff and Jenks isn’t coming off an injury riddled season as Putz is.

I don’t believe this move puts the Sox back into the playoffs, but the added depth is certainly a plus in their win column for 2010.

Bet You Didn’t Know! – Putz’s was originally drafted by the White Sox in the 3rd Round 1995, but chose not to sign, eventually dropping to the 6th round for Seattle in 1999. (after not signing with the Twins in ’98, 17th rd.)

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