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Royals 2009: It could be worse

The Kansas City Royals. Seriously, are there four words that conjure up failure better than those four. Other than the Royals burst of excitement in 1993, the team has just five seasons with a winning record since winning the World Series in 1985, and four of those were before 1991.

Trivia Question

soria.jpgJoakim Soria was one of the Royals best pitchers in years with his 42 saves and 1.50 ERA in 2008. Yet his 42 saves are good for only 4th on the Royals all-time list. Name the Royals who saved more games (hint it’s 2 pitchers with 3 combined better save seasons).

The Good

GM Dayton Moore has been active. He’s bringing in players that are better than what Royals fans may be accustomed too, like Kyle Farnsworth, Coco Crisp and Mike Jacobs. Sure they aren’t big names, but ask yourself this. If you were Manny Ramirez, CC Sabathia or even Orlando Cabrera, would Kansas City be at the top of your “I’d like to play for” list????

The other good piece for Royals fans is they have some talented youngsters like Zack Greinke and Alex Gordon to name just two. But there isn’t anybody who knows anything about baseball willing to bet the Royals get to the World Series based on their current roster.

The Bad

With massive-ugly contracts like Jose Guillen, Gil Meche and Farnsworth, the Royals are still prone to make bad mistakes with signing players. I still believe Farnsworth will be a good add for the Royals, but after seeing what the market did, $6M seems a bit high. The Royals other big concern is all of a sudden, the AL West doesn’t seem to be MLB’s official Disaster Division anymore. Each of the other four teams in the division can easily make a case to win the division.

Trivia Answer

quisenberryphoto.jpgYou probably guessed Dan Quisenberry. Which would be correct, in 1984, Q set the Royals mark at 44, where the record stood for just one season before he reached 45.

387500.jpgThe other, Jeff Montgomery, who also got 45 in 1993.

Bottom Line

I, like many baseball writers and bloggers, don’t think the Royals will be all that bad and won’t be surprised if they finish near .500. On the other hand, the Royals could be the prime example of what the economy can do to a team. The Royals have made moves as an attempt to get better (Meche, Guillen) and may end up paying out the wazoo for mediocre players who won’t be easy to unload come July 31. Instead, the contenders will be targeting Gordon, Greinke and Billy Butler as pieces that may actually help. So Royals fans, even if the season looks horrid from the get-go, I think seeing the young pieces getting into place could lead to something better someday. The question becomes when is someday.


The Royals barely edge out Detroit again this year. They use more young, excited players and just eat the Jose Guillen contract as nobody is going near that one.

4th Place AL CENTRAL, 76-86.

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