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Early frustration with WBC

It was nice to see a real baseball game this morning, even if it was the WBC and by the time I woke up it was the bottom of the eighth.

Then, in the few minutes I could watch, something really iritated me about the uniforms.

mcds.jpgCorrect me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure I saw some golden arches on the back of the helmets. I’m not going to sit here and diss McDonalds, but I’m really not interested in seeing any logo on the back (or side) of the baseball helmets.

I get why baseball and everyone involved would take the opportunity to add more advertising (it wasn’t that long ago that ads weren’t allowed on walls), but I’m just not so sure it’s necessary.

Obviously, I’m not seeing the $$$$ signs that Bud Selig or any other baseball authorities see when they sign-off on something like this, but isn’t there a better way to add advertising than putting it on someone’s noggin?

ads.jpgI mean how much longer before we start seeing the Omaha Steaks Kansas City Royals or the Google Inc. Florida Marlins. Sadly, this trend began with the introduction of the college football bowl games, taking on sponsor names in the recent past, and unless we as the public put an end to it, the advertisers will win.

I’ve worked for a newspaper and we chose not to work with a specific advertiser due to his expectations of being able to control the content of the newspaper. When we ran an article about a competitor (who also advertised with us), he raised holy hell, pumping his fists and demanding more publicity.

I’m not suggesting this will happen to baseball (or any other sport), but the question has to be raised . . . who’s making the decisions to add this type of advertising to the game and is it really necessary?


Sorry about the lack of posts recently, my music blog has sort of taken off and is getting much of my attention. The change in my available time for blogging will force me to limit my MLB 2009 preview and thus I will post a my final Preview post which will include brief summaries of the final 14 teams sometime this weekend, followed by my postseason predictions.


On another note, just found a new band called Gliss. If you like Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, you’ll probably enjoy Gliss.