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Catching up with Pudge, Kendall

The Pudge Rodriguez signing became official today, so I can put my stamp on how it works out for the Nats.

It’s easy to say the Nats already look light years better than they were in 2009, Pudge, Strasburg, Brian Bruney, a healthy John Lannan, but let’s not kid ourselves.

Nobody in their right mind will tell you the Nats will contend even for a wild card spot next year, but don’t count them out just yet.

Sure the Pudge signing (especially as a backup) won’t be making a 10+ game swing for the team like it did for the Marlins in 2003. But if Pudge can work his magic on teaching FLores, Strasburg, Lannan and all the other young Nat battery mates and turn them into professionals, Washington could have some fun and will certainly be at least worth watching for the first time in years.

Back in the midwest, the Royals pick up Jason Kendall. Oh how the mighty have fallen. This makes Kendall’s fifth different team since 2004. I’m not so sure he’s going to have the same impact on this Royals staff that Pudge will on the Nats staff, but his veteran expertise (he did work with the Oakland pipeline for a while) could be a minor plus for the Royals. Still nothing to get excited about as the Royals will have trouble climbing out of the AL Central cellar.

The only other add this evening (so far) is Arizona inking Blaine Boyer. And there’s really not much to tell here. Boyer was added off waivers last June and will likely just eat up a bullpen slot and be a fresh arm 50 times next year.