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Nearly a senior, Junior rejoins M’s

You know what, I think the move the Mariners made by signing Ken Griffey, Jr. to a one-year deal was a good one. Not great, but certainly good.

Look at it this way. If Griffey plays even mediocre (like the rest of the Mariners), they win 60-65 games this year.

If (somehow) Griffey plays like a 39 year old stud, the Mariners win 60-65 games this year, thanks in large part to having little back up talent on the team.

If he plays like he did in Chicago last year (whether he’s used full-time or part-time) the Mariners still win 60-65 games this year.

Seriously it’s pretty much a win situation from the stance that Griffey will at least bring the team more income (jerseys, memorablilia, and some tickets) while really not affecting the offensive or defensive output of the franchise.

Plus, by signing him to just a one-year deal, they aren’t tied down to the future, not that they have one in the immediate forecast.

The best part though, is that we as baseball fans can watch Griffey finish his HOF career in the comforts of his first home. The place where we saw the brightest talent in MLB since the playing days of Willie Mays.

To Junior, welcome home (on a personal note, I’m glad you skipped on Atlanta, the final touches of your career wouldn’t have been the same).